JLo called. We answered. And a transformative partnership was born.

09 Mar 2022

We got into the business of sea travel to transform it, and we make sure to infuse that ethos, one we call an, “Epic Sea Change For All”, into every move we make. So when it came to the historic tradition of selecting a Godmother for our fleet of lady ships, we knew it should look very different.

We sought out to find an inspiring, empowering, and entrepreneurial person who best embodies who we are as a brand — far more than a Godmother, but instead a creator — who dreams boldly and challenges the status quo. So it was only fitting that we partner with international superstar, Jennifer Lopez. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on board.

As we celebrate and honor Women’s History Month this March, we’re acutely aware of how important it is to iterate on past traditions where women were merely figureheads, and instead, improve and diversify the industry we love so dearly. So in the spirit of that evolution, we’re ditching the term “Godmother” altogether, and instead calling her exactly what she is — Investor and Chief Entertainment and Lifestyle Officer —  who, with her limitless talent, will help shape the future of travel with us. With a career spanning over two decades at the top of every field, Jennifer Lopez is cemented in history as a global icon and the ultimate multi-hyphenate.

In partnering with her, we’re purposefully redefining the classic nautical tradition of appointing a Godmother as a ceremonial role, and instead, turning this position into a truly modern, change-making collaboration — one where Jennifer Lopez, Richard Branson, and the Virgin Voyages team works together to take sea travel, and travel in general, to the next level. With Jennifer Lopez on deck, the glamor, the energy and the creativity just amped up, and we have unbelievable plans on the horizon.

From Sailor experience development with an emphasis on well-being, to design collaborations and entertainment co-creations, Jennifer Lopez will be bringing her talent, her incredible entrepreneurship skills, and electric artistic ideas to our lady ships. To kick things off, we’ll be exclusively introducing JLo Beauty as a part of our onboard offerings — bringing Jennifer’s amazing products to the high seas for the first time. And as her first act as our Chief Entertainment and Lifestyle Officer, Jennifer Lopez is giving you a gift to treat yourself — $200 in onboard credit when you book a voyage with us. And even better? It’s combinable with all the other incredible offers we have running right now. From salt stone massages to shopping sprees on High Street, however you love to pamper yourself, JLo wants to make it happen. Just use access key JLoversLoot when you book. But don’t wait, this extra-special treat sails away on March 31st. If you tune in next week, we’ll have (another) huge update with this collaboration.

And it all started with a FaceTime call. So check out the conversation (and even a little musical interlude) between Jennifer Lopez and Richard Branson that made all this ship happen. You won’t regret it, and you may just find yourself singing a new tune for the rest of the day.

We’re so excited for all the plans we have in store, and everything Jennifer Lopez is bringing to our lady ships. So get ready, Sailors, and get loud.


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