You’re invited to set sail on one of 7 select early holiday escapes.

22 Nov 2022
Ahoy Blog Holidays

Before you dive into the Christmas grind (like being forced to watch your uncle’s preferred news channel) — gift yourself a 4 to 8-night Early Holiday Escape and we’ll gift you 50% off your second Sailor.

Finally, you’ll get some much-needed me time (and us-time) during a full day at our Beach Club at Bimini, and by exploring the Caribbean’s most coveted destinations like Roátan, St. Croix, San Juan, and beyond. 

Our 7 select, exclusively adult sailings were designed just for you to relax and restore in an atmosphere that caters to however you want to celebrate. From seasonal menu offerings that fit most dietary needs (including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options), to Hanukkah-inspired treats, plus stunning Christmas decor and exclusive, festive activities (including an onboard photo booth) — you’ll be feeling the holiday spirit in the best way possible. 

So set sail on a pre-holiday getaway, and get home before December 24th — feeling refreshed with a sun-kissed glow and ready to take on the *actual* holiday drama.

Celebrate the holidays (early) in an exclusively adult atmosphere — with special menu offerings, and onboard entertainment you won’t find on any other voyage.


- Scarlet Lady & Valiant Lady

P.S. Don’t forget to bring an ugly Christmas sweater, your favorite holiday attire, and, of course, a splash of something red for Scarlet Night.